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All aboard for an exciting project at the Living Farm Heritage Museum

That's Right!!!

A Train

So don't get side tracked.

We're not just letting off steam! We're building a "Train Ride Through Time" at the Living Farm Heritage Museum.  It's always been a part of our Museum's Conceptual plan to include a train ride at the Museum.

In October of 2013 we purchased a 1953 Plymouth 40 ton Locomotive from the Craggy Mountain Train Line in North Carolina. They are some great folks at the Craggy Mountain Line and are giving us some greatly appreciated assistance with our project. We also purchased a 1909 Flat Car from Craggy Mountain that we plan to re-purpose into a passenger car. We are currently looking for any other rolling stock, train rail, ties and hardware for a standard gauge train. Please contact us if you know of any of these items that may be available or if you would like to be a part of this exciting project.

Come and take a ride on the “Virtual Express”

Watch as we take delivery of the Locomotive and Flatcar in January of 2016.

So, if we don't get side tracked, we hope to have the locomotive, flat car and other rolling stock up and running in the future. Until then, we'll keep chugging along with this and the rest of the Living Farm Heritage Museum projects and programs.


You can assist us with the funding of this exciting project by donating now!!!

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